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Impressions of Charleston

Of of the great benefits of travel to another locale is that it challenges us to see again with fresh eyes. So it was when I found myself with my daughter in Charleston, SC for the wedding of my friend’s daughter. We spent a Saturday sightseeing, mostly on foot, around Charleston’s Historic District, at a […]

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A few more from “the old country.”

Shots of Braddock and the area close to where I grew up, that looks like what I imagine postwar Bosnia to have looked like. They have a Harvard-educated mayor not afraid to try new things to bring energy (and investment) into the area. Yet Braddock remains a metaphor for what happened to America’s once vaunted […]

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Another vista from Wintergreen

This is another of the panoramas I shot while out in the mountains of central Virginia. Thanks to Mike Topping for showing me this vista!

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