1-14 Ad2 event Curtis Petraglia

Our local Ad2 group brought Curtis Petraglia to town to speak to some members of the local ad community. Curtis is a graphic designer with Adams Outdoor out of Charlotte, and conducted a lively session including some brainstorming for those who attended. His presentation was full of self-deprecating good humor and surprises, including a suitcase packed full of Miller High Life.


From Curtis’ bio:


If you ask him on a really good day, he might tell you he is a colossus of creativity with ideas more contagious than the plague. He would probably say he is more curious than George and better looking than The Man with the Yellow Hat. Perhaps he might refer to himself as the Sultan of Swagger and would go on about how his natural musk trumps cologne. Yes, even Acqua di Gio.

But really he is just an observer, thinker and day dreamer who is lucky enough to work in a field that he is passionate about. He has a 5 o-clock shadow type personality but a burn the candle at both ends work ethic. His goal in advertising is to touch lives and create culture.


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